For django-ajax-selects

For djangorestframework

The contrib contains support for both v1 and v2 of django restframework.

Django REST framework 2

This contrib package defines list and detail endpoints for City, Region and Country. If rest_framework (v2) is installed, all you have to do is add this url include:

url(r'^cities_light/api/', include('cities_light.contrib.restframework2')),

This will configure six endpoints:

^cities/$ [name='cities-light-api-city-list']
^cities/(?P<pk>[^/]+)/$ [name='cities-light-api-city-detail']
^countries/$ [name='cities-light-api-country-list']
^countries/(?P<pk>[^/]+)/$ [name='cities-light-api-country-detail']
^regions/$ [name='cities-light-api-region-list']
^regions/(?P<pk>[^/]+)/$ [name='cities-light-api-region-detail']
All list endpoints support search with a query parameter q::

For Region and Country endpoints, the search will be within name_ascii field while for City it will search in search_names field. HyperlinkedModelSerializer is used for these models and therefore every response object contains url to self field and urls for related models. You can configure pagination using the standard rest_framework pagination settings in your project

For django-autocomplete-light

For autocomplete-light, we propose an autocomplete channel that attempts to behave like google map’s autocomplete. We did some research and it turns out every user is apparently able to use it without problems.

Basic Channel

Remote channels

Check out the example usage. This is the API:

Ideas for contributions

  • templatetag to render a city’s map using some external service
  • flag images, maybe with django-countryflags
  • currencies
  • generate po files when parsing alternate names